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About Joyous Vittles

A one-stop-shop full of all the right choices,  Joyous Vittles has the deep roots from dense organic tea farms of the Darjeeling & the startup has taken place in the heavenly created organic garden of Darjeeling itself.

Joyous Vittles has an exclusive range of premium quality dry fruits & Nuts, organic spices & herbs, best quality tea, and other superior products. Which are sourced from the best farms all around the world especially for you.  Our over-flowing Dry fruits and organic spices range is pesticides free, handpicked, As most food production becomes increasingly industrialized, we want to bring back a sense of food that you can trust.

What We Believe

Our simple truth is that ingredients should be natural and wholesome. We advocate that products must be authentic and ethical, organically produced and has its original taste – not a mere convenience. We believe in ethical and sustainable farming and place great emphasis on the provenance of all our products.

We know that people who are discerning about what they consume want to make informed and responsible choices. Like us you believe that food wasn’t meant to be meddled with or tainted with chemicals. So we say no to artificial additives, hydrogenated fats, highly processed foods. Instead, at Joyous Vittles you’ll find nutritious, seasonal and organic stuff with the goodness intact. You’ll find wide ranges of organic products suitable for all speciality diets.

We hope that you find inspiration, excitement and good health from the food you eat and learn, like us, that to eat well is to live better.

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