Spinach Powder

Nitrogen flushed for extra long freshness & shelf life.​

Spinach Powder is wonderful for adding color and flavor to fresh pasta, noodle and bread doughs. It can also be used in yeast bread, quick bread or muffins. Combine with herbs or sun-dried tomatoes for a light, savory flavor. Spinach contains many nutritional and medicinal properties which help to strengthen our immune system, boost energy. Spinach Powder (Spinacia Oleracea) is created by grinding dried spinach leaves. It is a fine, dull green powder and has a mild spinach flavor.

Spinach fine powder is a good source of protein, fiber, antioxidant, and minerals, making it a suitable ingredient to be used in the formulation of foods with high nutritional or biological values.


  • Improves Eyesight
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Provides Neurological Benefits
  • Relieves Symptoms of Hemophilia
  • Maintains Blood Pressure
  • Strengthens Muscles
  • Helps in Bone Mineralization
  • Helps Aid the Digestive System
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